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FlexBuilder.ini is ignored under Vista

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Just bumped into another nasty bug. FlexBuilder under Vista ignores C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\FlexBuilder.ini file.

It seems like due to Vista “smarts” with user directories, compatibility issues and general MS idiocy FlexBuilder have no idea where to pick up the FlexBuilder.ini file. It works perfectly well on XP, but not on Vista.
It also grabs all default JVM parameters twice for some reason. Kind of an Irish approach 🙂

Bug is submitted.

Diff on mxml files in Flex 3 sucks big time

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Internal diff tool in FB3 sucks big time. It worked in FB2, but someone decided that this thing is too good for this world and changed it. This ugly proportional font and this terrible performance are just unbearable!

Single diff on 1000 lines files takes around 50 seconds. Multiply it by 10-20 per day and this is a stolen time from you.

It is time to change this. Here is the place to vote for this bug:

Sweet Adobe, please have a mercy on us all and give us back the
simple, no-gimmick diff, which just works.


“She’ll be right!”

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Just after I wrote a previous post I realised that when Adobe is committed to bug fixing it does not bring much excitement as well.

My first bug submitted to Adobe was that one: the last comment on the page

Guess what happened in the next Flex2 hotfix? This bug was fixed. In the shortest period of time.
Was it mentioned in the Release Notes? No, it wasn’t.
As the result my app started to crash on List selection as if you process selected cells you have to rely on the order of indices.

ComboBox selection behavior was fixed in Flex3. Perfect!
Was it mentioned in the Release Notes? Nope. Crash, crash and one more crash!
Who cares?

Do you need to mention everything you fix in the Release Notes?
No. She’ll be right!

PS This is how losers do – they put every bug fixed in the Release Notes

This is so boring to read! It is much better to read some overexcited evangelist’s diary about new cool features.

[UPD] Looks like this thing bothers some other people as well.

Security.loadPolicy() doesn’t support error recovery

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Flash Player does not support error recovery when it comes to loading policy file.
If for some reason socket policy server does not respond on the first call of Security.loadPolicy(url) there is no way to recover from this situation. All subsequent call to Security.loadPolicy() will be in vain.

I’ve submitted this bug in January 2008 and after 2 FlashPlayer releases there is no sign of a progress on this issue. FP 10 beta does not show any signs of the addressed problem either.

Adobe’s attitude is well described by Screenivas

Version 1.0 release : We are releasing a great product which would help our users in a great way by boosting their productivity. We would fix all serious bugs soon.

Customer: Great. Let me use it.

Version 2.0 release : We have lot of new features for you. In this release we have addressed all serious bugs (read it as bugs reported by great partners and volume customers) in the previous release.

Customer: But what about other serious bugs faced by me?

Company: We would fix all bugs soon.

Customer: They are only fixing bugs for the new features and few more bugs from volume customers.

Version 3.0 release : We have lot of new features. We have revelutionized the workflow. We have rewritten many parts of the code to boost performance. etc… Of-course now we are open-source !

Customer: Now it is Open-source ? Great! But what about bugs which were in 1.0 release?

Company: Oh! our customers have lived with these bugs for more than 2 years, now they have almost stopped complaining…..they can live with it! If they complain more, let us ask them to upgrade to the new version and follow a new workflow/API for the same feature which we have introduced. And anyway we are open-source let them grab the source and fix the bug themselves. We can’t spend our precious development time over fixing those old bugs.

Customer: Where I can find a developer and time to study this piece of open-source product and fix bugs for me? …?….?

There are 6385 unresolved or deferred bugs in the Flex bugs database. And they are now actively working on Flex4. This is so great! I could not wait for another version for Flex – this so exciting!