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FlexBuilder.ini is ignored under Vista

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Just bumped into another nasty bug. FlexBuilder under Vista ignores C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\FlexBuilder.ini file.

It seems like due to Vista “smarts” with user directories, compatibility issues and general MS idiocy FlexBuilder have no idea where to pick up the FlexBuilder.ini file. It works perfectly well on XP, but not on Vista.
It also grabs all default JVM parameters twice for some reason. Kind of an Irish approach 🙂

Bug is submitted.

Midnight Commander under Cygwin/Vista

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

For many years I’ve been using Far Manager which is really great commander for Windows.
It has many useful plugins like SCP/SFTP, Network Browser, reasonably good editor with Colorer, PocketPC connection etc.

On the downside FAR editor has a couple of problems which bothered me a lot:
– Internal editor which is quite powerful, sometimes starts using Windows line endings (CRLF) and because I am working in a mixed environment I had to run the dos2unix utility on the routine basis to convert all the files into the UNIX format.

– FAR has a mysterious feature of changing file permissions or file sharing by adding user “None” with special permissions which were preventing files from to be executed. I.e. you’ve download ZIP file using FAR’s FTP browser, unpack it, try to run EXE file, Windows says:

"You don't have permissions to run the file"

. So you have to Explorer->Security settings and kill this None user.

After my recent upgrade from XP to Vista these problems became even worse.
So, I tried to start using the Midnight Commander, which I’ve been using for ages in Unix environment.
But under Cygwin/Vista it behaves quite differently.

Problems I’ve met so far are:

– no mouse support under Vista.
I’ve even tried to use Cygwin’s SSH port with PuTTY and then run MC – no way to have mouse working in Cygwin window.

– I am unable to browse/open any .zip files.
MC says:

 ./ ./ cannot execute binary file

What the heck? Somehow it opens the TAR files, but only by F4(Edit) command. If you try to open TAR file it writes similar bullshit about running a binary file.

-And the last thing which drives me mad – I am unable to save some of the MC’s config files, such as .mc/bindings. Every time it accesses it, it sets up the sharing, adding this infamous user None with special permissions and this file becomes read-only for MC.

PS While writing this post, I have found that you can get a Midnight Commander’s subshell working under Cygwin – you have to explicitly enable the subshell support via parameter (even if it is a default):

#> mc.exe -U